Thursday, 12 September 2013

Top ranking universities in the world

Every student want to study in top ranking University and He/She wish to get Excellent Education,So they can boost their career and got good name in every Sector of life and Get good job After study.For students information we are sharing top 10 Universities here.


1: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 

Founded : April 1861 
Address : Massachusetts Ave , Cambridge , MA 02139, United State 
About : MIT is world class education institute for Teachers,researcher and For Student. This performing very well in all Degree program.University offered Bachelor,Master and Doctorates Program.Universities faculty and Students won many Awards like Noble prize, Medal of Science, Field Medal. Universality have latest equipment for Researcher. University also offer Financial Aid for Poor and Brilliant Student.

2: Harvard University 

Founded : 1636
Address  : Cambridge , MA 02138, United State 
About : Harvard University is leading education institute for Teachers,researcher and For Student. University faculty are busy to increase the Human Knowledge.
University offered Undergraduate,Graduate and Doctorates Program. University also offer Financial Aid for Poor and Brilliant Student. Havard has More than 360,000 Alumni in the World.

3: University of  Cambridge

Founded : December 1209
Address : The old School, Trinity Lane, CB2 1TN Cambridge United Kingdom. 
About : University of  Cambridge is one of to oldest University and leading academic centre. University faculty are busy to increase the Human Knowledge.
University offered Undergraduate,Graduate and Doctorates Program. University also offer Financial Aid for Poor and Brilliant Student. Cambridge university has More then 1800 students ,9000 staff and 150 Departments. 

4: University college London (UCL)

Founded : February 1826
Address : Gover Street,WC1E 6BT London, UK
About : UCL is Located at the Heart of London. University faculty are busy to increase the Human Knowledge. Universities has a lot libraries,research center and computers labs. University offered Undergraduate,Graduate and Doctorates Program. UCL has 8000 teaching and 25000 students from 150 countries. Universities have 21 Nobel prize winners.

5: Imperial College London 

Founded : 1907
Address : South Kensington Campus Exhibition, London SW7 2AZ , UK
About : Imperial College London is well reputed university in Engineering , Science and medical as well as in industry and commerce. College has 3000 teaching Staff and 15000 Students from over 125 different  countries. It is placed in 10th number in university ranking in Engineering Sector.

6: University of Oxford 

Founded : 1096
Address : University offices, wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD,United Kingdom
About : University of Oxford is leading university in UK and they aim to lead in world in research and Education.Oxford was first University in English Speaking world. University have more then 22,000 Students. University has largest library in UK.It also have a lot of Museum and Galleries,open for Public.

7: Stanford University 

Founded : November 11, 1885
Venue : 450 Serra Mall Stanford , California 94305, United State
About : Stanford University is Located at the Heart of Silicon Valley. University is recognized as one of the world's leading research and teaching Institution. Stanford university offered their student a remarkable opportunities for Academic and Extracurricular activities.It offered Undergraduate, Graduate and PHD Programs.

8: Yale University  

Founded : 1701
Venue : New haven, CT 06520, United State
About : Yale University has earned good name from last 2,3 decade. Almost 11,000 Students come from all 50 State of America and from 108 Countries. University offering a lot of Degree Programs and Scholarship for brilliant Students.

9: The University of Chicago

Founded : 1890
Address : 1801 S Ellis Eve, Chicago ,IL 60637 , United State
About : The University of Chicago is one the Premium academic and Research Institute .University provided a lot of opportunity for new researcher.
It's offer a lot Scholarship Financial aid to Undergraduate ,graduate Students.It has more then 100 degree and Non Degree Programs.

10: California Institute of Technology 

Founded : 1891
Address : 1200 E California Blvd Pasadena, CA 91125 , United State
About : California Institute of Technology  is a private academic and Research Institute.University faculty and Alumni has received 31 Nobel Prize, 7 Crafoord Prize, and National medal in Science and Technology.